Hi everybody. We are so thrilled with the interest and support we have received since launching Atlanta Music Grapevine just about 2 months ago. People are thanking us for what we are doing, recommending others to interview, and suggesting new features they would like to see us develop.

There is so much talent and so many interesting stories out there. We already have a long wish-list of interviews. Many are already scheduled. Many are being scheduled. We enjoy bringing you the in-depth stories like those we have published so far. However, sometimes we run into people who have a shorter story to tell. It might be a timely event, a new artist or businesses just getting started or a new music venue or open mic opportunity. We want to make sure we get these out to you, too.

So, we are excited to announce the launch of a new, additional format – Off The Vine. These stories will be shorter than our typical Spotlight stories, but will provide you additional insights into the latest happenings around the Atlanta music scene. We will continue to provide Spotlight stories once a week, but this more compact format will allow us to provide greater volume and variety of content for you. Let us know what you think.

We love what’s going on in Atlanta music and look forward to continuing to share the stories of our cool town.

Thank you for all of your support. Happy reading!